DIY – Statement Beanies for the cold winter months

Hello everyone,

How is everyone doing in this Iceland weather? So as promised this blog post will be on DIY Statement Beanies. As we are experiencing a VERY cold winter, a hat is an essential to our winter wardrobe. Did you know that most of our body heat is lost through our heads? J Yes, it’s true… So I guess what I am trying to say it please wear a hat and look good by doing so 😉

So all you need for this is:

1) Beanies – eBay £1-2 (I have also seen some at Primark)
2) T-Shirt Transfer Paper- eBay £3 or you can use Iron on Letters – Amazon/eBay £5
3) Cotton fabric (for the ironing process so that your transfer letters don’t stick to your beanie)

4) Iron (use the wool setting)
5) Laptop

6) Scissors




1) Think of a Phrase/Word

So to start off you need to come up with a short phrase or word you want to put onto your beanie. I chose “I woke up like this” because I have seen it on some beanies and really liked it, however I couldn’t find any place that sold them in the UK.

2) Create Iron on Letters

If you are using the T-Shirt Transfer paper, you need type your phrase onto a Word document. I used WordArt and font size 36. When you print make sure you print backwards e.g. the mirror image of the phrase so that the letters face the right way when you iron them. Just click the “Printer Properties” link and chose “Reverse Order”.

Alternatively, if you purchased the Iron On Letters then you just need to assemble the letters needed for your phrase. MUCH EASIER (but I couldn’t find any Iron On Letters with a font that I liked when I looked).

3) Lay out Letters.

Once the letters are printed just lay them out on the beanie the way you like it. Be sure you have the transfer letters printing side facing the beanie.



4) Iron On Transfer Letters.

Now take a thin cotton fabric and place it on the letters.

Set the iron on wool setting and wait for it to warm up. Move the iron in large circles on top of the transfer paper letters. Apply adequate pressure for about ten seconds, then wait for five seconds and repeat ironing for another 10 seconds. Also try and focus on the outside of the letters to make sure they stick to the beanie.


5) Wait for the Iron On Letters to cool.

Turn off the iron and let the beanie cool for a few minutes.


6) Remove the backing from the transfer letters.

Gently peel the back of the Iron On transfer letters off of the beanie.


And on the head it looks like this (sorry I look was quite late when I finished).




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