Things to do in Tallin, Estonia

Hello ya all. It’s nice to be back in the UK. And the reason I am saying this is because I have just been to countries which are colder than the UK..Can you believe it?

I went to Tallinn, Estonia and Helsinki Finland and I thought that in today’s post I will talk about Tallinn in more detail as to what to do there, popular sightseeing places, activities etc as they are not very common tourist destinations. I hope you will enjoy it!

So end of February my friend and I flew to Tallinn, Estonia via Ryanair for 3 days. This whole trip was inspired by my favourite band ONEREPUBLIC. Whilst touring in Tallinn last year they uploaded a picture of Ryan Tedder ❤ in Tallinn on Facebook. When I saw it, I googled it immediately to find out more about Tallinn and in the end decided that I had to go to check this place out because it looked so magical and different. Later on I also realized that the ferry to Helsinki from Tallinn was very short and cheap, which is also why we went to Helsinki in the end but more details on that in my next blog on Helsinki 😉

Day 1
Our flight from London Stansted to Tallinn was about 3 hours long and to be honest it felt much shorter because we had an early flight (6 am!?- what were we thinking?)and we were sleeping most of the time on the plane!
When we arrived in Tallinn, the first thing we did was to buy a travel card at a Kiosk at the airport. They are really cheap; we paid 5 Euros plus 2 Euros for the travel card itself for 3 days. It’s also very handy that you can activate the card from when you want to use it either the day you bought it or the day after. Once we had the travel card we got a bus from the airport to our hotel which only took about 15 minutes. At the hotel then we picked up all the sightseeing and activities brochures we were interested in and began planning our stay.
On our first day we went to the Old Town in Tallinn to which we actually walked to just because it was so close to our hotel!
TIPP: I also found a copy of “Tallinn in your pocket- February to March 2015” on the internet which we then printed and took with us to Tallinn. Listed on it are recommended restaurants, cafes and hotels, sightseeing attractions, events that are happening in that month, maps and nightlife and in general good advice for your stay in Tallinn. So I would definitely recommend getting hold of one of these if you can. I think you can also buy it from the AppStore or from relatively cheap.
A few places to look out for in the Medieval Old town are:

Danish Kings Garden

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Toompea Castle
Town’s Hall Square

Niguliste Church

St Catherine Passage

After exploring the Old Town, we also made a stop at Cafe Mademoiselle, a very nice cosy little cafe, for hot chocolate (did I mention how cold it was there?) and blueberry cream cheesecake. YUMMY! Estonians love their blueberry. True story.

For dinner we went to Kuldse Notsu Korts, a true Estonian Restaurant, which served the best Green Tea I have ever had!!! I kept the packing of the green tea because I was meant to find out where they sell it. The brand was called “Just t- The Morning Star”. So if you know where you can buy this amazing green tea please let me know!!
Because we were pretty hungry on our first day my friend and I went for the “Meat Feast for Two” option because apparently Estonian like their meat. The feast included chicken fillet, spare ribs, baked potatoes, meat balls, sauerkraut (which I love btw), and pork Knuckle.
We also wanted dessert but we were so full after the feast that it wasn’t very sensible to go for itL but the food was so delicious!! Normally when you order a bit of everything some of it might not taste that good, but in our case the chicken was GOOD, the bacon was GOOD and the pork was GOOD!  And did I mention it was cheap! I think for food, tea and tip we each only paid about 20 Euros. The UK is so expensive in comparison. I don’t know why I am just realizing that now…Anyway also the waiters in the restaurant were dressed in these old costumes to add to the theme of the Old Town. So when you are in Tallinn it really does feel like you have stepped back in time. The only exception to this feeling is that you can get free WIFI almost all over town and so you know that you are in fact in the 21st century.
Day 2

On our second day we went to the Estonian Open Air Museum, which shows the reconstruction of an 18th-century rural village, where you can find sheds, a church, a few mills, a schoolhouse, farmyards and a fire station. The good thing is that you can enter most of the houses there and have a look at their interior design, furniture and tools. In of the houses a woman dressed in an old costume was making a cake and serving it to visitors. But for the really hungry ones, there is also a restaurant inside a house that serves traditional Estonian food. Entry to the Open Air Museum was 5 Euros and you can also get audio guides for 3 Euros more. But we opted for the self-guided tour and overall it took us about 2-3 hours to see most of it. The only downfall was that it was so cold but hey what do you expect in Estonia in February. Overall, the Open Air Museum is definitely worth visiting as it’s different and gives you bit of history of what life was like in the 18th century. Also the view onto the Baltic Sea is breathtaking.

Again we decided to eat out for dinner and we went to Kaerajaan, a modern Estonian Restaurant in the Old Town Square. The food didn’t let us down again; I had theSea bass fillet with root celery cream, vegetables and bisque-sauce and of course we also had green tea;) We paid less than 20 Euros each which is amazing for the quality of the food we had.

Day 3

On our last day, we went shooting in Estonia, which was a bit random I guess but it was a lot of fun. We got to shoot with a small and big gun (the only way I can describe it :P) at targets and because it was our first experience someone was there to help us the whole time. Overall it was a good experience and the only downfall to this was the fact that we paid 30 Euros for it and it only lasted about 10 minutes because we were fast shooters I guess? The brochure does say that it can last up to 30 minutes but that’s when you really take your time. Anyway at the end we were also able to take some badass pictures, which was nice so that we could show everyone at home how cool we are or not…

We also stopped at Kehrwieder’s Cafe in the Old Town Square before the Shooting Experience for hot drinks and cake. Yes we love our cake and hot drinks if you haven’t realized by now. I had a chocolate latte and my friend had the chocolate mocha and we also shared a chocolate cake between the two of us.

After the shooting experience, we wanted to check out the Winter Park (Lume Park) also in Nomme, Tallinn, which we heard was good for skiing. Our plan initially was to do some skiing in Tallinn if we could, however when we got there it was already dark and we were really tired so that we decided to go skiing in Helsinki instead. Skiing at the Winter Park would have been around 15 Euros including 1 hour ski equipment hire, which is quite cheap I thought.

For our last dinner in Tallinn we went to the “Olde Hansa”, which I guess is the touristiest one out of all the restaurants we went. Again the food was delicious and they created this extraordinary atmosphere by lighting the entire place with candles (which also meant that it was quite dark in there but there was enough light to see your food;P). The waiters were wearing costumes from the 18th century again and there was also folk music.

My friend and I shared two main courses to try their Himalayan Lamb dish and also their Sausages made of Bear, Wild Bear and Elk? For drinks we had peppermint tea, which was ok but nothing compared to that AMAZING green tea we had on our first day. And for dessert we went Rose pudding, which was delicious and tasted like sweet blossom soda.

We had an amazing time in Tallinn and the place really is magical. I hope this inspired you to travel there sometime. It’s definitely worth it.
I hope you enjoyed reading it as I certainly enjoyed reliving my time there whilst typing this up!
Feel free to ask questions.
Jeny xxx

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