Dessert Lounge Indulge in Pinner, London

Hello Everyone!
So today I have a Dessert place recommendation for you. I recently went to “Indulge” in Pinner, London with my friend because we had a craving for pancakes and every time we go there we have a good time with some lovely dessert so it was time for me to share this place with everyone.
Indulge is basically the perfect place for desserts, they serve pancakes, crepes and waffles with fruits, chocolate sauce (dark, white and milk chocolate), and a scoop of ice cream. It is like heaven! But if you don’t feel like pancakes, crepes or waffles, that’s ok too because they got your sweet tooth covered by cakes and pies. Their drinks are delicious too; they offer milkshakes, smoothies and hot drinks such as hot chocolate, tea and coffee. What I really like about them is also the fact that they have waiters that go around tables to offer you a free glass of water, because they know that you need some water to restore your body functions after your sweet coma. It’s nice that you don’t have to ask them and to me that’s just a nice gesture. I don’t know maybe I am weird. Anyway also everyone who works there is just really nice, so I urge you to go visit Indulge if you are nearby and you will understand what I mean.
Last time I went, I had the blueberry and banana pancake with maple syrup. It was legend- wait for it- airy.
This one I made myself- I asked for pancakes with milk choclate sauce, cream, blueberries, oreo biscuits and oreo ice cream. It was amazing and yes I was proud of myself.

Strawberries and Cream Crepe.

I forgot to mention they also serve savoury crepes. The only one I tried is the pesto chicken which was yummy.
Because they are a dessert place they open a bit later- 2pm Mon-Fri and close around 10-11 pm. Indulge is easily accessible by tube and their nearest station is Pinner underground station which is on the metropolitan line. From the underground station it’s a short walk to Indulge. They recently also underwent refurbishment and extension as they are very popular and simply could not keep up with the demand with the smaller store they had before.So there should be enough space for all of us now so go and check them out and let me know if you loved it as much as I did.
Jeny xxx

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