Souvenirs from New Orleans/New York


Hope you are all well..

So I think it’s nice to bring something back from holiday for family and friends however after a while it becomes a struggle to find something different to buy from each country you visit. Thankfully my family and friends love the idea of trying different kinds of sweets  or food from foreign countries and so I often tend to bring back sweets you can’t buy in the UK. New Orleans You can’t go to New Orleans and not taste their Pralines! They are amazing but be aware they are really sweet so you might not be able to eat a lot of them.


Mardi Gras beads are a must for night out in NOLA to get into the happy mood. At the end of the trip you can just bring them back as souvenirs. mardi

TIP: You can buy them cheaper at the French Market. If you loved the beignets from Cafe du Monde and you want to make them back home to impress friends and family then you should definitely buy their beignet mix! They also have Creole mixes!

cafe du monde Beignet Mix creole

My friend also purchases  fleur-de-lis earrings, which I thought was such a cool idea! The fleur-de-lis has been a symbol of New Orleans since its birth. My friend purchases them for only $10 at the French Market!


New York Obviously you need to buy some Hershey’s Chocolate and I have to say ( and I never thought I would say this..) I don’t like them:( I didn’t like the bitter aftertaste, but at least my sister and some friends liked them. I also got the Oreo Birthday Cake edition, which I think everyone buys when they are in America? They are nice but  I don’t prefer them over the good old traditional Oreo. Maybe I need to try them with milk… And of course I bought the Lucky Charms Cereal and loved the marshmallows in them!I felt like a kid again:D Last but not least I bought Reese’s peanut butter cups and if you like peanut butter then this one is definitely for you. I was actually sad to find out that we also have them in the UK! Nevertheless they are good!!!!

IMG_8663 IMG_8673

I have heard so much about the eos lip balms and so had to purchase them whilst in America. I chose Summer fruit and Vanilla Mint and love the Sumer fruit lip balm so far. The Vanilla Mint smells amazing too! I think they were $3 each. IMG_8670

Hope this was useful. Thanks for reading!

Jeny x

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