Bank Holiday weekend in London


I know I am a little late but we had a nice three day bank holiday weekend recently and our Southbank Centre transformed into the “Streets of Spain” for this occasion. This meant that Southbank was covered in Market stalls transported from Barcelona’s famous La Boqueria food market in Las Ramblas. So you could buy paellas, churros, croquettes, burritos etc… Basically any Spanish dish you wanted really.

I had a delicious lamb burrito from a stall called “Ladle & Skillet” and of course churros. Yum Yum.

IMG_8993 IMG_8994 IMG_8995 IMG_8998 IMG_9002 IMG_9005

It was definitely a fun day out and nice and sunny for a change! So make sure to check out the next event at Southbank Centre if you are in London. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for reading.

Jeny x

P.S: My next travel post will be about Barcelona:D


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