A British-German Long Distance Friendship Story


Today I just wanted to write about long distance friendships.

As some of you may know I was born in Germany but we later then moved to the UK when I was about 15. And let me tell you I really didn’t wanted to move, I hated leaving my friends and my old life behind! I still remember the day I told my best friend Santana that I would be moving to the UK in a couple of months and instead of being just negative and sad she tried to cheer me up by saying how amazing it would be to live in London and all the fun we could have there when she comes to visit. I never really thought about this until much later but it was actually much worse for her than me because I was the person leaving her and now she was the one going to school without me and carrying on with her everyday life with me missing in it. I on the other hand got a new life in a different country with new friends that she was never a part of and therefore I was less likely to feel the effect of “losing her” than she would. I hope that didn’t sound too complicated. Anyway at the time I moved to the UK we didn’t have Facebook or Whatsapp so we promised to call each other every two weeks and message via ICQ (an old german messaging service) or good old MSN. And we did and still do! We also visit each other every year. I go back to Germany to spend a few days with her and she comes to London to visit me. At the beginning I remember I used to be really upset when she returned back to Germany after spending a few days with me. We would have an amazing time together like the good old times and then when she left I felt empty like I didn’t know what to do with myself without her. I remember I used to be so upset that I promised myself that I would return back to Germany after finishing school! And the thing is its not like I didn’t make any friends or didn’t like it in the UK but I just felt that I was missing out on more fun with her in Germany. FOMO right?Anyway in the end I didn’t move back because a) London is pretty amazing and b)after a while you get used to this arrangement of seeing your best friend just once or twice a year instead of everyday. You just  learn how to make the best out of every situation. So now we call each other every week and with the help of social media you feel more connected than ever. This doesn’t mean that I don’t miss her anymore but now its easier to contact her whenever I want to and also we started this new thing where we plan to travel the world together instead of just meeting up in London or Germany:P

Anyway today is just a day I miss her and its our birthday soon and I just received a package from her, which inspired me to write this.

Do you have a best friend who lives in a different country? How do you make it work?

I would love to hear about your tips!


IMG_3731 IMG_4121

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