The Generation of Z: Apocalypse | Things to do in London

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago I came across tickets for The Generation of Z: Apocalypse, which is live zombie experience where you find yourself in the middle of the action in a world where the deadly Z virus transforms ordinary people into merciless killers and your life is in your hands.

This experience that takes place in the 25,000 square feet basement of the former Wickhams department store and begins when the beacon goes off and officers (actors) arrive and reveal to you the events leading to your arrival in this place. To get out alive, while zombies chase you, you will work together with the others and also get to make choices which will directly influence the show’s narrative and outcome.

It definitely is a different kind of thing to do but real fun especially if you are into scary zombie stuff and/or love the Walking Dead.

At the end you can also take #zelfies with the zombies and can also sign up to take part in the next play as a zombie yourself this time!

I have booked my tickets through TimeOut London, but you can also get them directly from the Generation of Z website–>!genz

Ticket prices are normally £27.50 for everyone under 26 but at the moment they also have tickets available for only £25. Tickets for students are cheaper- £19.50.

Nearest tube station: Whitechapel.

IMG_9009 IMG_9011 IMG_9015 IMG_9020 IMG_9022 IMG_9024 IMG_9031 IMG_9032

Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think!



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