Sunset Safari at London Zoo | Things to do in London


So last week my friend and I went to the Sunset Safari at the London Zoo, which basically means that we got to visit the Zoo and its inhabitants after normal opening hours. The event starts at 6 pm and finishes at 10 pm and when you arrive you can pick up a map with a self-guided Safari Trail which will lead you through the Zoo to see its magnificent animals. When we went the gorilla kingdom, one of the zoo’s main attractions, was closed due to the birth of a baby gorilla. How exciting and something to look forward to for the next visit!

At the end of the Trail and once its getting dark you can relax in Safari Base Camp on big fluffy pillows with some live acoustic music. How magical! There are also lots of stalls selling food and drinks for the hungry visitors. More importantly for £5 you can also get a face paint of a tiger, lion or monkey or any other animal you like on you face! And if you want some kind of souvenir just head to the big Souvenir Shop before you exit.

From our experience, I would recommend to try and be there for 6 pm as my friend and I had dinner before and therefore only got there for around 7pm. They start closing most animal kingdoms 30 minutes before they close so to make sure you see most of main attractions get there early!

Overall we really enjoyed the Zoo late because of its beautiful inhabitants and also the magical atmosphere created in Safari Base Camp at the end with the live music and food stalls, which end the day in a really nice way.

Some important information:

Where:  London Zoo, Primrose Hill,  closest tube station: Camden Town ( Northern Line)

When: Every Friday from 19 Jun 2015 to Fri 17 Jul 2015 , time: 6-10pm

Price: Adult-£16/£20.80

Priory tickets for £16 are sold out now. But you can still get the advance tickets for £20.80.

Book your tickets here:

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