DIY Painted Travel Tile- Mod Podge Photo Transfer


As you do I was going through my holiday photos recently and was looking at some really beautiful shots which I wanted to have in my room. But rather then putting these photos in frames I came across the idea to transfer them onto tiles. It’s so easy and beautiful!

Here is a simple guide to how to DIY your very own Travel Tile using Mod Podge!

What you will need: 

Regular Mod Podge in a matte finish ( I got mine from Hobbycraft)


A foam brush

A photo resized to the size of your tile and printed on normal paper using your printer



Step 1:

Measure your tile and then resize your photo on Picasa or Paint according to that and print.

Cut out the photo. Don’t worry about cutting perfectly straight.

Step 2:

Turn the photo and cover the backside evenly with Mod Podge. But be aware if you take too long to do this, the Mod Podge will start to dry and we don’t want that!

Then once the back of the photo is coated, flip it over and place it onto your tile and position until its right. Try and press down on the photo to get rid of air bubbles.

IMG_9346 IMG_9349

( I didn’t cut out my photo immediately but it’s so much easier if you do)

Step 3: 

If you have excess paper across the edges of the tile you can use sandpaper to shear it off.

I skipped this step because I didn’t have any excess paper.

Step 4: 

Finally, just brush Mod Podge all over the front and across the sides to seal everything. Leave it to dry for 1-2 hours.

IMG_9345 IMG_9347

You are done!

It’s cheap and simple and gives the impression of a painting. Its so beautiful and I bet you won’t use so many photo frames anymore!


Hope you have fun making your own.

Jeny xxx


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