Spirulina Smoothie

Hello everyone!

I am back home after nearly two weeks in Germany visiting Berlin, Cologne and Maastricht (Things to do post is coming soon :D) and I realised that I got my latest order from Amazon: Spirulina powder! And because its so nice and hot outside I really wanted to make a smoothie. I missed making them while I was away… So this time instead of googling a recipe I just added some fruits we had at home and voila Spirulina a la Jeny was created. AND it tastes good so I am glad. I hope you like it too.


One red apple

One peach

One banana

A handful blueberries

One tablespoon Spirulina powder

A few ice cubes

Put all ingredients into your blender with a bit of water and its done!

IMG_0560 IMG_0562


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