Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour London | Things to do in London

“No story lives unless someone wants to listen”- J K Rowling.


So if you are a Harry Potter fan and you are in London, then you have to go and see the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio in Leavesden!! It’s a must for everyone who wants an in depth look at the sets, all the props, costumes and technology etc used. And whats really exciting is you can try the famous Butterbeer for only £2.95 ( or more if you want it in a souvenir glass)!! All I can say is that it is fizzy and quite unique in its taste. So you have to try it! Moreover you walk down the Privet Drive, hop onto the Hogwarts Expressor get green screen pictures/videos taken on a broom ride across Hogwarts. It really offers something for everyone!

Our booking was for 4-4.30 pm and after a short wait in the queue we entered our experience. It took us about 3-4 hours for the whole tour, and in between we stopped for a sandwich and butterbeer at a cafe inside the Studio. But you can also bring a sandwich with you if you prefer. At the end of the Tour, there is a big shop which offers an exhaustive amount of Potter souvenirs!

If you are planning to visit the Harry Potter Studio, you should book well in advance as the waiting time can be long depending on when you are coming. Tickets are £33 for adults (16+) for the basic Studio Tour ticket, however you can also get the Complete Studio Tour Package which includes the Studio Tour Ticket, a Digital Guide and a Paperback Souvenir Guidebook for £42 and upwards.

Here is the link for the booking:


We absolutely loved the Harry Potter Studio Tour and the staff was very friendly and helpful too, but the one thing I will say is that it would be nice if they could maybe introduce special discounts or a something like a badge or banner for kids who spent their birthday at the Studio just to make them feel extra special. I went there on my sister’s birthday and although she definitely is not a kid anymore, some kind of acknowledgement of her birthday would have made her really happy and made her day even more magical.

IMG_9821 IMG_9444 IMG_9471 IMG_9464 IMG_9457 IMG_9474 IMG_9478 IMG_9498 IMG_9500 IMG_9517 IMG_9550 IMG_9540 IMG_9534 IMG_9555 IMG_9560 IMG_9666 IMG_9615 IMG_9607 IMG_9668 IMG_9707 IMG_9709  IMG_9757 IMG_9744 IMG_9730 IMG_9850 IMG_9712

Hope you enjoy it!


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