Souvenirs ( Sweets) from Germany


I think I have said this before but when I go on holiday I find it so hard to buy souvenirs for everyone at home. That’s why I usually tend to buy sweets that you can’t get back home in the UK or I just buy sweets that looks different and is worth trying ?!

So last month when I went back to Germany, I had to get my hands on a few sweets/biscuits I absolutely love but can’t get in the UK 😦 I am not going to list the typical “Aachener Printen” biscuits or the tasty “Spekulatius” biscuits you can buy from ALDI during christmas in the UK. I rather talk about my old time favourite biscuits I used to eat a lot when I lived in Germany.

So here comes the list…

  1. Hanuta

Haunta basically consists of a cream of hazelnuts and chocolate sandwiched between two crispy waffles. They are made by Ferrero

2. Knoppers

Knoppers is also a waffle sandwich filled with nougat and milk creme. So nice and probably my favourite!

3. Ferrero Giotto

It consists of a delicious Milk-Hazelnut Cream coated in hazelnut pastry shell.

4. Balisto

Balisto is a digestive biscuit with milky cream toppings covered in milk chocolate.


Has anyone tried them? Which one is your favourite? Or do you have any other recommendations?

I would love to know.

Jeny xxx


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