About moi

Name: Jeny

Age: 20 something

Country: London, UK



Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

I have wanted to do my own blog since I was bitten by the “blogging bug” two years ago when my friend and I started a blog together. But this time I am going solo and starting my own blog! Finally! Expect to read about food recipes, restaurant reviews, fashion, DIYs and posts about my friends and me travelling the world (well sort of).

To tell you a bit about me; I was born in Germany (so don’t be afraid to ask me anything in German;)) but made in the UK as I like to call it. I am currently working as a Scientist and although Science is one of my passions, I created this blog to talk about my other passions such as travelling, food and fashion.
I hope to help with useful advice. Please do leave comments and ask questions, I am really nice they say:D

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Jeny xxx

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